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About Me

What does it take to be a free, fully alive, human being? That is the question that inspires my life's work and directs my research and inquiry.

This inquiry led me to study, with Joseph Heller, his form, of structural integration using myofascial release, known as Hellerwork.  I discovered how to create elegance with ease in my clients. Hellerwork is a series of 11 thematic sessions that build on each other and explores each aspect of your physical and emotional patterns. Through movement repatterning, you learn how to integrate and maintain the changes you have gained so that you will have a greater sense of freedom in movement and expression.

My inquiry into how cultural conditioning affects our ability to be authentic led me into exploring ways of recovering lost aspects of one's self and to reintegrate them so that integrity is restored.

I teach energy techniques to help enliven your whole being and to free your spirit. Through conscious breathing and movement, higher states of awareness and energy can be accessed. Our society has very limited and restrictive conversations around spiritual awakening. Some people have spontaneous experiences and without proper knowledge, it can be very frightening and disconcerting. I can support you through this process as it unfolds. On the other side of this awakening is a greater joy and connection with spirit.

We can also do single sessions focused on a particular issue you are experiencing and work with you to release the causal restrictions to regain fuller function and less pain.

If you are a dancer or other type of athlete I can help you to reduce your chances of injury and to heal faster after an injury.

 316 Miller Avenue, Suite F,  Mill Valley, CA 94941.

By Appointment Only  Call (415) 419-1684
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